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The station is located in the town of Kuopio, on top of a 75 m observation and radio transmittance tower. The tower stands on a hill and its base is 149 m above the surrounding lake level, which is 82 m above sea level. The sampling inlet is on top of a 10 m mast on the roof of the tower. The measurement site is located at the southern boreal climatic zone, which is characterized by forests with conifer (mostly pine and spruce) and deciduous (mostly birch) trees, an undulating terrain with rocky soil and moderate height hills, and lots of long lakes in the northwest-southeast direction. Nearby sources: Puijo tower (restaurant and sewerage ventilation, ~10 m below the inlet). A district heating plant 3.5 km in the direction of 162 degrees, release height 120 m (~114 m below the inlet). A paper mill 5 km in the direction of 36 degrees, release height 70 m (~164 m below the inlet). Highway in the direction of 6-192 degrees, ~230 m below the inlet Waste disposal site 10.5 km in the direction of 218 degrees.

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