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The station is located 400-1200 m to the SE from the small village of Hegyhátsál (150 inhabitants). The region is sparsely populated in Central European sense. Within 6 km there are only a few small villages (60-330 inhabitants) and a somewhat larger settlement (Nádasd, 3 km to NWW, 1350 inhabitants). Within a 20 km radius, the only notable settlement is Körmend (7 km, NNW, 11,000) inhabitants. The nearest bigger towns are Zalaegerszeg (20 km, SE, 58,000 inhabitants) and Szombathely (20 km, N, 79,000 inhabitants). The only city within 100 km with a population higher than 100,000 inhabitants is Graz, Austria (90 km, W, 330,000 inhabitants). Within the radius of 20 km of the station, there is no notable industrial activity in this dominantly agricultural region. The local roads carry low traffic, 300-600 vehicle units per day. The only major road in the vicinity of the station is the 2x1 lane trans-European E65 running northwest-southeast with 4700 vehicle units per day. Its closest point to the monitoring site is about 500 m to the southwest. The agricultural activity might influence methane and nitrous oxide measurements occasionally.

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