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The station locates in clean remote environment inside the upland boreal forest with lakes and small wetlands within a few kilometers from the site. The station location is in a rolling ground with the altitudes ranging mainly between 140 and 180 m a.s.l. in the surrounding area. The monitoring station, where all ICOS related measurements are operated, is on the top of a small hill. The surrounding vegetation consists mainly of Scots pine and Norway spruce with undergrowth. The top of the tree canopy is at the height of about 19 m. The nearest populated village, Korkeakoski, with approx. 1000 inhabitants, is 6 km to the south-east. The nearest town, Orivesi, with some 9000 inhabitants, is 18 km to the south. The closest, bigger city, Tampere, with 220 000 inhabitants, is 45 km to the south-west and is located upstream of the prevailing wind. There is sawmill industry in Korkeakoski (6.5 km to the south-east) which process about 0.8 Mm3 round wood annually. The site is occasionally affected by long-range transported pollution from Europe / Russia / wildfires.

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