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The tower is located in a semi-rural region in the UpperRhine valley on the outskirts of the major city Karlsruhe. There, the Rhine Valley is about 40 km wide. On both sides it is surrounded by hills as high as 300 - 400 m. The surrounding area of the tower is mostly flat. The land use in this area is dominated by agricultural fields (ca. 50 %), forests and green areas cover about 11 %, villages and traffic about 17 %. Cities: North of the Station: Speyer (50000 inh., 25km), Mannheim (300000 inh., 45km), Darmstadt (150 000 inh., 90km), Frankfurt am Main (690000 inh., 110km), Heidelberg (150000 inh., 40km); East of the Station: Heilbronn (120000 inh., 60km); Southeast of the Station: Stuttgart (600000 inh., 65km), Pforzheim (120000 inh., 30km); South of the Station: Karlsruhe (300000 inh., 10m), Baden-Baden (55000 inh., 40km), Offenburg (60000 inh., 80km), Straßburg (270000 inh., 75km); West of the Station: Saarbrücken (180000 inh., 100km); Northwest of the Station: Kaiserslautern (100000 inh., 65km).

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