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The tower is located in a semi-rural region next to the Research Center Jülich, near Cologne. The surrounding area of the tower is mostly flat. Northern foothills of the low mountain range Eifel, south of the Tower are about 500m in elevation. The station is located in a densely populated area of Germany and impacted by major coal power plants. These are in direction southwest Weisweiler (19 Mt CO2/yr), and in Northeast Niederaussem (26 Mt CO2/yr), Neurath (90 Mt CO2/yr), and Frimmersdorf (2 Mt CO2/yr). Larger sities in the surroounding are North of the Station: Mönchengladbach (260000 inh., 30km), Krefeld (220000 inh., 50km), Düsseldorf (600000 inh., 45km); Northeast of the Station: Ruhr district (largest urban agglomeration in Germay with about 8.5 million inh., 2800/km², 85km), Wuppertal (350000 inh., 65km); East of the Station: Köln (1000000 inh., 40km), Bonn (300000 inh., 50km) Leverkusen (160000 inh., 45km), Bergisch Gladbach (110000 inh., 50km); South of the Station: Düren (100000 inh., 15km); Southwest of the Station: Aachen (250000 inh., 30km), Lüttich (200000 inh., 65km); Northwest of the Station: Eindhoven (220000 inh., 95km).

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