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Carnsore Point

Carnsore Point is a headland located at what could be considered to be the extreme southeastern tip of Ireland in Co. Wexford. This station is located at approximately 52° 10′ N, 6° 21′ W at an elevation of about 9 m above mean sea level and is on the site of the Carnsore Wind Farm operated by Hibernian Wind Power. The GHG instruments and other instrumentation operated by the EPA, are housed in a metal shipping container modified for laboratory use. The presence of the wind turbines in the path of easterly airflow is likely to have some effect on the measurements of certain aerosol parameters for wind directions within a generally easterly sector but this effect is expected to have much less impact on atmospheric gas measurements. The site has clear uninhibited exposure to a southeast through west-southwest marine sector and the dominant prevailing winds are southwesterly. The area is remote and there are no dwellings close to the site.

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