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Dataproduct refreshing frequency

This table summarizes the refreshing frequency of the NRT ICOS data products computed at ICOS ATC, and which are displayed on the ICOS station panel board and on the data products index:

Data Product code Refreshing frequency
P0000.1 everyday
P0000.2 everyday
P0000.3 everyday
P0001.3 everyday
P0002.1 everyday
P0002.2 everyday
P0002.3 everyday
P0002.4 everyday
P0002.5 everyday
P0003.1 everyday
P0003.2.1 everyday
P0003.2.2 everyday
P0003.10 everyday
P0004.1 every sunday
P0004.2 every two days
P0004.3 everyday
P0004.4 everyday
P0004.5 every sunday
P0004.6 every sunday
P0004.10 everyday
P0005.1 every sunday
P0005.2 every two days
P0005.3 everyday
P0005.4 everyday
P0006.1 every sunday
P0006.2 everyday
P0006.3 every sunday
P0006.4 everyday
P0006.5 every sunday
P0007.1 every sunday
P0007.2 every sunday
P0011.1 every sunday
P0011.2 every two days
P0011.3 everyday
P0011.4 everyday
P0011.5 everyday
P0011.6 everyday
P0011.7 everyday
P0011.8 everyday
P0011.9 everyday
P0012.1 everyday
P0012.2 everyday
P0020.1 every sunday
P0020.2 every two days
P0020.3 every two days
P0020.4 every two days
P0020.5 everyday
P0021.1 every sunday
P0021.2 every sunday
P0025.1 everyday
P0025.2 everyday
P0025.3 everyday
P0025.4 everyday
P0031.1 everyday
P0031.2 everyday
P0031.3.1 every sunday
P0031.3.3 every sunday
P0032.1 every sunday
P0032.2 every sunday
P0034.3 every sunday
P0034.4 everyday
P0035.1.1 every sunday
P0035.1.2 everyday
P0035.2.1 every sunday
P0035.2.2 every sunday
P0035.6 everyday
P0035.7 everyday
P0040.1 everyday
P0040.2 everyday