Data products

NRT data products facilitate station management and allows getting a fast feedback on the data; it improves reactivity in case of disruption in the data flow and thus limits data gaps.
Data products are daily computed at ICOS ATC, usually in the morning. It is more than 800 plots that are automatically generated for all the atmospherics stations of ICOS measurement network.
Data products are related to all steps of data processing described in [Hazan et al., 2016].

Calibration monitoring
Last cycle | 3 months
Equation evolution

GHG monitoring
• Timeseries: 3 days | 10 days | last month | last year
Network concentration evolution
Data selection

Target monitoring
• Stabilization: month | year

Instrumental Monitoring
• Diagnostic parameters: last month | last year
• Instrumental parameters: last month | last year
• Summary: QA/QC, CMR, LTR & Target

Meteorological measurements
• Timeseries: 3 days | 10 days | last month | last year

Flask measurements
CCGCRV Fitting

Others measurements
• Radon: 3 days | 10 days | last month | last year

• Flasks / ambient : year | global
• In-situ: last month | last year

The complete list of NRT data products can be found on this page.

The refreshing frequency of the NRT ICOS data products computed at ICOS ATC, and which are displayed on the ICOS station panel boards is available on this page.

Access to the data product report (hourly report 9/23H - 6/7days).

[Hazan et al., 2016] Hazan, L., Tarniewicz, J., Ramonet, M., Laurent, O., and Abbaris, A.: Automatic processing of atmospheric CO2 and CH4 mole fractions at the ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 4719-4736, doi:10.5194/amt-9-4719-2016, 2016.

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