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Svartberget Observatory

Svartberget site is located in the northern Swedish boreal forest, about 70km west of the Gulf of Bothnia. Ridges, valleys, rivers and lakes stretching from northwest to southeast characterize the landscape and the tower is situated on a gentle slope towards southeast. Spruce and pine forests dominate the landscape land use with some minor agricultural fields, mostly along the river valleys and closer to the sea.

Cities: SE Umeå (120 000, 60 km), NNW Lycksele (8 500, 70 km), NE Skellefteå (72 000, 100 km)

Official ICOS atmosphere data release can be downloaded from ICOS Carbon Portal. The individual data files can be browsed and downloaded from the Carbon Portal app by using this pre-configured search link. You can also browse the dataset from the data product page.