Data product - P0021.1

P0021.1 product shows the comparison of ambient air and air sampled in flasks, for the given site, for the last rolling year. Each top box plot displays, for the species named in plot column title, the daily means' timeseries of ambient air (red line) and flasks (blue points). Each bottom plot displays the difference between ambient air's and flasks' hourly means.

Common details:

  • Sampling height: highest sampling height for ambient air, all available sampling height for flasks
  • Timeframe: last rolling year.
  • Species: all air species measured in the site. One "plot column" per species.

Details for top plot (absolute molar fraction):

  • Data used: daily mean of flask and ambient air molar fraction, continuous timeseries.
  • Y-axis: absolute molar fraction, in species' unit.
  • Blue points: each point shows the daily mean of all flasks measured that day.
  • Red line: daily mean of ambient air.

Details for bottom plot (air minus flask):

  • Data used: hourly mean of flask and ambient air molar fraction, continuous timeseries.
  • Y-axis: ambient air molar fraction minus flask molar fraction.
  • Green points: each point shows the difference between two comparable hourly mean.
  • Green line: linear fit.
  • Gray bottom bar: out-of-range comparison. For readability purpose, outliers are not displayed like other points, however their existence is notified by the vertical lines in the out-of-range gray bottom bar.
  • Metrics: the mean and standard deviation of the difference is calculated and displayed in legend.
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