Data product - P0020.5.1

P0020.5.1 product compares the timeseries of a set of stations.
Each box plot displays, for a given species, the timeseries of the highest available sampling height of each site belonging to the group identified in the header's title. Each point represents either the daily mean or the monthly mean (based on daily data), depending on Y-axis legend. A "reference" site may be defined and displayed in black.

  • Data used: daily means, continuous time series, highest available sampling height
  • Y-axis: species' molar fraction: daily mean or monthly mean calculated from daily means (see Y-axis legend)
  • Colored lines: one line per site, all of them belonging to the "station group" named in header's title.
  • Black line: reference site (see last item of colored legend). Optional.
  • Timeframe: one rolling year
  • Species: manually defined to CO2, CH4 and CO.
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